Are Stink Bugs Invading Your Home?

The first time that i saw a stink bug i never really knew what this distinctive looking insect was called, and then i decided to get a tissue and crush it as it was located in my bedroom at night, all i can say is WOW!

This little hard shell insect let off one hell of a smell that i then had to suffer with when i tried to get some rest and the smell also lasted for quite some time.

I then started to notice that more and more were entering my home, the way i discovered them was from the sound that they make, it can be describe as a buzzing, which is pretty loud.

Anyway, we then had to sort out the problem that we had of a stink bug infestation, putting them out was a pain in the rear, and telling the kids to leave them alone was even more harder than getting rid of the stink bugs themselves.

Now these little pests cause no harm to us humans, but if you’re a garden lover then stink bugs can cause you some real problems.

In the summer their easy to deal with because other insects such as bees and wasps will attack the stink bugs, but don’t be fooled into thinking that these little suckers take being attack with a pinch of salt.

The outer shell of the bug is like a medieval knight’s armour, these creatures can be found all around the globe and there are a few different varieties of stink bugs such as the marmorated stink bug, and the brown marmorated stink bug.

The brown marmorated stink bugs off course are brown in color, but you can also find stink bugs that are green.

So what’s the best method for eliminating stink bugs?

Well you can try homemade methods which can work for the garden and the home, and you can also find other methods of the chemical kind that can be used.

What Attracts Stink Bugs

Stink bugs love plants such as tomato plants, sunflowers, and also some house hold plants, you may not even grow these plants yourself, but your neighbour maybe the one that’s a plant lover, and that’s where the problem has started from.

How to get rid of stink bugs

First line of defence will be to get some kind of mosquito netting, in the summer its hot, and by placing this kind of anti stink bug device around the doors and window frames of your home, will reduce the chance of a home stink bug infestation will be greatly reduced.

Next its best to find a natural stink bug insecticide, and some people swear by using a mixture cigarettes with warm water and washing up liquid, gives you the ultimate nicotine Stink Bug Repellent. This kind of homemade solution may work, but be warned, it can also kill your plants and the things that help them grow.

Other methods are vinegar, this can be placed into a spray bottle, and then applied to doors and window frames, and another stink bug repellent is the all famous mint plant, you can add one or two to your garden, and then by crushing the leaves, this again can be used as a spray repellent.

If your still unsure then check out this great resource where you can find some great methods of keeping these pests at bay, it’s a great guide of getting rid of stink bugs and don’t worry because the cure for this problem is right here.

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